Monday, April 30, 2012


                                                        Pie pops and cupcake UNITE ;)

   Periwinkle Orange 50/50 cakes means one of our friends loves their color "Peri" & we made it work!

Gotta present in-style ")

Original Recipe (Whoot Whoot) ~Caramel Apple Spice cake with Swiss Meringue buttercream + Caramel drizzle!

                      Strawberry funnel cake delivers the triple threat...blackberry/rasberry/blueberry frosting ")

Orange 50/50 as is, no bells or whistles ;)

        Texas Turtle includes from the farm TX pecans dipped in chocolate, with home-made caramel and fudge sauce drizzled over chocolate buttercream, high above our famous triple chocolate cake recipe...It's a Chocoholics dream, baby!

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